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    Has anyone heard anything about a webOS developer workshop coming up in January in Chicago?
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    no, but I would be interested. bump
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    I've also not heard anything, but would be interested.
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    they can hold the event at HelloNNNewman's house.
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    I want to go to a developer event, and would love to go back to Chicago, but not in January! :O
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    Actually a developer friend of mine asked me about it. I actually misunderstood the question when she original asked.

    She's involved with putting together a developer event/hackathon in Jan that's called JiVHACK. There will be Android, iPhone, Playbook, Google TV and WP7 sessions there. She actually wanted me to see if I could find a webOS expert that my be interested in presenting.

    By the time we were both on the same page, she had already filled all of the session time slots. It would have been awesome if for webOS to get in on the fun with all of the big boys. Hopefully she'll hit me up earlier next year and I'll be able to hunt down a couple of willing souls.
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    That's a shame. I'd love to attend such an event since I'm in Milwaukee.
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    Count me in - I'd attend, most likely.

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