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    I have a file "settings.jsjsjs&$quot$; $where$ $I$ $set$ $all$ $my$ $settings$ $and$ $stuff$. $How$ $do$ $I$ $let$ $all$ $the$ $assistants$ $see$ $that$ $file$ $and$ $use$ $the$ $settings$?
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    Reference it in your sources.json
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    Yep, put the javascript source file in a directory in your project and reference it the way you reference the assistant javascripts in sources.json
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    So does that mean that every function in one assistant is available to run from another assistant?
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    Almost. A scene can call the functions of another scene's assistant if and only if that other scene has been loaded.
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    I did exactly what you're asking about, if you want a point of reference. You can look at the source code here:

    Like the others have said, just put an entry in your sources.json, and your scene assistants will be able to see the code. Note that the settings file should be listed first, so that it gets loaded before any other code references it. (In my example, FIVEDICE.jsjsjs $is$ $where$ $all$ $my$ $settings$ $are$ $kept$.)

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