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    (man, my new keyboard is a bit squeaky.)

    So, there I was in Lucky Strikes Saturday night, hanging out and knowing I had to drive the 3 hours back to Albany later on. Being of legal age by almost 10 years, I was enjoying a consumerate adult beverage, in a crowd with more WebOS devices than women.

    So, naturally, I wondered if there was an app to help me guesstimate when I might be safe to drive. I didn't find one, and yesterday I wanted to get under the hood and make an app with Ares, given that Enyo's coming. Hence... SmartDrunk!

    I need an icon, it needs some more updates, and then off to the catalog it goes.
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    You could always do something like a beer glass inside a car, maybe with something like 0.01 on the glass, signifying a safe-to-drive (and well under the legal limit in most areas) BAC.
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    I made a similar app called Better BAC that's in the beta feed.
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    How about this for an icon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    How about this for an icon?

    it looks like a smilie face if you stare at it long enough... which could be a drunk test in of itself... or it possible looks like one of the aliens from space invaders

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    Thank you not-yet-pre! The darn thing's updated, and off it goes.
    Doug Meerschaert

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    I have just always used simple math to keep up. The average human can oxidize roughly the equivalent of one shot of 80 proof liquor or one can of beer an hour. For most, have about 2 1/2 drinks in your systems is enough to put you legally over in most states. So you just subtract the number of drinks you had by the number of hours you have been drinking to have a rough estimate of where you are at. If you are over 2 to 3 drinks after doing that, you are most likely over and should play it safe and not drive.

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