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    [Phoronix] The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders

    This little patch apparently offers some pretty good performance improvements. Could it be added to the existing Pre/Pixi kernels? It might help us squeeze a little more performance out of our aging devices .
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    there has been an article on that this patch is not needed... You just need to do few things in command line hehehe and add it to startup script ;P
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    This patch, and the command line based version, probably wouldn't help WebOS or most embedded devices for that matter.

    What it does is group processes for a single session together such that processes from other sessions won't hog system resources as much. In a Desktop Linux environment, it isn't uncommon to have either multiple desktop sessions or a few command line terminals open at the same time. This results in multiple sessions. If you did something CPU intensive in one, traditionally, it could slow down your desktop. This patch makes it so that the CPU intensive session is in a different group than your desktop environment, and allows the desktop to preempt the other session faster so that it is more responsive.

    On your phone, you have one session with multiple apps. It doesn't have the same need for groups. And if it did, all it would do is improve the performance of one app when another app is using lots of resources. This patch isn't something that magically speeds up performance in the kernel.

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