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    It's like high school all over again. I give someone my number and they never call....

    New development:
    From Palm Development Forum:

    This means that we will no longer be able to view many if not most UTF-8 characters once we update to 2.0...
    LOL ... I sent two messages ... Crappy networks ... I will send more and will send a normal one to confirm that I have sent some.

    @The new development .... Palm is just tighting this up. I don't understand the SMS concept anymore. We are in 2010 ... UTF-8 should be standardized everywhere in the world .... Who uses ASCII anymore -.-

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    I figuered out where the messages are saved in the DB files. Attached is a screenshot of the message I already tried on my emulator. You can see that the UTF-8 character are propely saved in the DB.

    To get this on your device, you need to open the DB for the Data "PalmDatabase.db3" in any Hex Editor. Make your SMS has some unique combination of ASCII characters that it has something you can search for and see the characters how are they stored.

    Some UTF-8 characters weren't shown properly in the SMS Threaded View; however, I just confirmed that they are stored perfectly in the DB, which means that the SMS decoder should be working perfectly; that is, if we assumed that the "luna-send" emulates the recieving of an SMS perfectly, that is: it setup a PDU and process it like any normal PDU.
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    I have confirmed with Palm that the viewing of utf-8 depends on the character set of the included fonts. webOS is fully capable of handling utf-8 but if the font does not have the character to display all you will see are empty boxes or worse.
    They advised that the only way to include a font in your app is by making it a PDK app, which is incompatible with the system apps such as email, messaging etc...

    webOS 2.0 changed the available fonts which means there will be less characters visible in certain sections of utf-8 than in earlier versions.
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