Hey everyone,

I've been wanting to create a game ever since I was a little kid. I finally have the time and energy to get started. I've found someone to start this project with, but both of us are absolute beginners to coding. However, we're willing to learn what it takes.

We haven't decided on what kind of game it will be. We potentially want to do some kind of 2D platformer or perhaps even something using 3D.

Here is my question: What tools and technologies will we need to utilize to create something like this for webOS? I'm still trying to sort through all the developer documents. I already have:

  • webOS 1.4.5 SDK and PDK
  • Eclipse with the plugins installed and running

I also have a Pre running in developer mode, Eclipse seems to launch an empty app just fine on the device and the emulator.

What are the next steps? What knowledge and technologies are necessary? C++? What about OpenGL? I'd just trying to get my head around what we will need to learn, and I would greatly appreciate any pointers. Thanks!