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    I'm aware this is probably a really stupid question, but... I'm building location data into my app using the startTracking method. How do I tell it to stop tracking? I've tried using startTracking with subscribe: false and guessing at stopTracking method (which I didn't think would work). Any thoughts?
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    I have a Verizon Pre Plus. The GPS automatically stopped tracking when I put the battery in the phone. Sorry I can’t help you.
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    I can help when I get back to my desk.
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    Here is how I handle start/stop tracking:
    FirstAssistant.prototype.handleStartTrackingButtonPress = function(event){
    	this.controller.get('status').update("Start tracking ...");
    	if (!this.tracking)
    		//If we still have an old tracking handle, try to cancel it
    		if (this.trackingHandle)
    			this.trackingHandle = null;
    		this.trackingHandle = this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.location', {
    			method : 'startTracking',
    			parameters: {
    				subscribe: true
    			onSuccess: this.gotFix.bind(this),
    			onFailure: this.error.bind(this)
    		//Set timer for updateMapImage, which will update as the new fix is returned.
    		this.controller.window.setTimeout(this.updateMapImage, this.mapinterval);
    		console.log("Attempting to stop tracking.");
    		this.controller.get('status').update("Stopped tracking ...");
    			this.trackingHandle = null;
    		catch (ex)
    			console.log("Error cancelling gps tracking!" + Object.toJSON(ex));

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