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    To any developer out there (or maybe HP?) who is looking for some code to write (ha, I know), I would love to supply a recommendation. The iphone has a feature that when you tap and hold on some text you are writing, a small magnifying lens appears above the word, magnifying where the cursor is. You can then move left or right and see, in a much larger view, where the cursor moves with your finger.

    This is far easier than holding the option button in webOS and having the cursor fly all over the screen. Sorry to say, but when I have one letter to move over, holding the option button down and getting the cursor to move over just one character is painfully annoying. It either goes 2-3 characters or up and down. It's not refined at all. The magnifier definitely has the advantage here.

    Anyone out there interested in doing something like that?
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    If they would just give us a back-arrow key, the current edit function would be a lot better IMO. The hardest thing is to just move over 1 or 2 letters. If Palm (or someone?) could implement Option-Back or Meta-Back to mean "move back" rather than "erase", that would be awesome. They don't do anything different than the normal "backspace" now.
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    I agree with the OP, this would be a nice feature. That said, I'm sure HPalm has something up their sleeve for this since a keyboard-less tablet and a possible phone are in the works. There will need to be replacements for pretty much everything that utilizes the physical keyboard (orange-tap, shift-tap, etc.). I'm guessing they'll move more towards long holds for context menus and some sort of magnifier for text selection.

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