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    Hi! I am about to be a happy pre 2 owner (whenever it finally comes out) and, coming from android, was wondering if anyone else would be interested in using one of my favorite applications called Waze. I only ask because after talking with the staff they seem to not be inclined to port it themselves due to what they perceive as a lack of interest/market share. Thanks for any feedback!
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    Very interesting and unfamiliar to me and probably many here using webOS. Either way, if you want a better look checkout: How to use waze - Free GPS on your cellphone and I would love to see something like this on webOS. Thanks for the heads-up! Sorli...
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    It is open source, so someone who is daring can try taking the Android source and modifying it to be a webOS hybrid PDK/SDK app (using Android because it is also a hybrid app, but it is C/Java and not C/JavaScript).

    It would take a couple weeks of part time development, but probably not much more.
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    I would love to use it too, otherwise I'll need to make a bracket to put in my new car for my iPad :|
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    The source code of waze could be found here:
    Source code - waze
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    I'm an Israeli user with a Pixi Plus that wishes for a hebrew
    Navigation software like waze, is there someone that can help us (the Israeli
    webOS community) port the Wazw software?

    Any help would be appreciated,
    10x, Yaron.

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