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    In \usr\palm\applications\\app\controllers is a file called stk.assistant.jsjsjs $and$ $the$ $only$ $difference$ $between$ $1$.$4$.$5$ $and$ $2$.$0$ ($from$ $webOSDoctor$ $of$ $SFR$ $Palm$ $Pre$ $2$) $is$ $that$ $all$ $instances$ $of$ $the$ $function$ $QDLogger$.$log$() $are$ $replaced$ $by$ $Mojo$.$Log$.$info$().
    Is there any difference between these two functions?
    Rationale: European GSM users are waiting since the first release of webOS access to SIM services / SIM toolkit (or stk). I don't know if this stk.assistant.jsjsjs $has$ $something$ $to$ $do$ $but$ $hope$ $is$ $the$ $last$ $thing$ $you$ $lose$.
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    I have found a file called QDLogger.jsjsjs $that$ $is$ $in$ $1$.$4$.$5$ $but$ $not$ $in$ $2$.$0$ $in$ \$usr$\$palm$\$applications$\$com$.$palm$.$app$.$phone$\$app$\$models$ $with$ $contents$:
    /* wrapper for Mojo logger.  tags our lines with a string, keeps us quiet
     * better than bad, it's good. everyone wants a log.
     Copyright 2009 Palm, Inc.  All rights reserved.*/
    var QDLogger = {
    	log:, "PhoneApp: "),
    	error: Mojo.Log.error.bind(Mojo.Log, "PhoneApp: ") 	
    I think its the same QDLogger that
    I will continue the search of SIM Application Toolkit in webOS internals.
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    i have seen an app for this.. i believe.. in 2.0
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    Nope.. Was wrong or can't find it now :/

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    Thank you very much for your interest. I continue with search or may be 2.0 is release before for my Pre
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    I found it, sketch42! I found it!
    I follow (like you) thread "Pre 2 webOS Doctor available - what can we learn from it?" and NuttyBunny (from Mexico) mentions carrier bookmark icons inside sweatshop-wr-roadrunner_1.0-20_armv7.ipk that it is inside \resources\wr.tar.
    In wr.tar is a file only in webOS 2.0 and not in 1.4.5. This application is entitled "SIM Toolkit" with locale file to German, French, Italian, Mexican and Spanish that I think are the countries with SIM Toolkit.
    I will communicate the good news in the GSM forum.
    Thank you.
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    You should always use Mojo.Log.*
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