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    my pixi plus (at&t version 1.4.5) is stuck on the logo screen. this has happened before and i know how to run the webosdoctor to restore it, but i would like to pull my PalmDatabase.DB3 first.

    after running through command prompt and novacom for a while i was able to see the folders of the device. however, i couldnt access /var/luna/data/dbdata. i could get to "luna" but after that it gave me an error about not being able to change to the data directory.

    so heres my question:

    how can i access my files to save my palmdatabase.db3?

    thanks in advance.

    when i got into the device earlier, it was by doing a memboot. im not sure if that changes what you do or dont have access to, but thats the only way i was able to get in.
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