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    I'm extremely new to the whole building of an app, but I've been spending a lot of time reading and watching video's thanks to palm and downloading everything I need to begin. I have an idea for an app, but I'm thinking their might be a hold up in my idea.

    Ultimately I'm wanting my app to be able to run without running (having a card open constantly or some notification of it running at all.

    Basically what I'm wondering is there a way for an app to automatically give you information at a specific time.

    The best way I know to explain it, is the fact that it's used within the built -in applications of the phone.

    Like my email. I don't have to open my email and it's not constantly running. It only gets emails as often as I set it to (which right now I have hourly), then it gives me a notification that I have an email

    The same with my calendar. I place something in my calendar and give it a certain time and it will notify my of the task, meeting etc. I have scheduled.

    The thing is those apps are constantly running (correct?), they only come into play when giving you a notification of something you want.

    Even if you shut down your phone and turn it back on, you don't have to re-open those programs in order for them to begin running again. Which of course that would be stupid if you did, but my point is, is it possible to create an app, that can run that same way. Kind of a set it and forget it type deal, or is that a feature only available to built-in apps?
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    I'm no programmer, so correct me if I'm wrong in this statement.

    Feeds (news feed reader) does a great job of notifications without the app running, AFIK.
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    the way to do it, is to set alarms for the time you want the application to check the server/web site...... For the new info.

    this type of application is called a windowless app, and the developer guides has samples and explanation on how to make such an app.

    read here
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    Thanks guys super helpful information. My only thing is I don't plan to have it set up to a specific server/website. It would be the information placed within the app. I guess I would have to figure out a way to get it set up to a server/website in order to work.

    If you're wondering the idea, I was thinking of creating a birthday reminder app. Now I know I can just put peoples birthday on something like google calendar and have it remind me, but I was thinking of a more advanced type app specifically for birthdays, that you could put all of your birthdays in, or ever somehow possibly pull in all of your brithdays from facebook. I know facebook has birthdays, but I'm bad about checking that part of it and I'm not on their everyday, so it would be nice to get a notification from my phone. Once again just using google calendar or any calendar for that matter would work, but with a dedicated app it would be kind of cool to have lot's of options.
    Ex. you choose what time you want a notification for each birthday. Most people on the day of at say 11 AM, but for someone like my wife a reminder a week out to give me time to prepare. Then the notification pops up and you click on it, it instantly opens the app. Within the app there is already a generic list of "birthday greetings" you can send, that when you click on one it automatically drops into the text field and the person you have linked within your phone. Or you can create your own custom "birthday greetings" and save them within the app.

    I don't know it might be a stupid app idea, even if no one else bought it, I'd use it, just because I've got a gazillion people that I try and remember to send a happy birthday to, and it would just be cool to have an app completely dedicated to it.

    I know you can't use the palm calendar on the phone because the max amount of days you can get it to repeat a new event is 99 days. With google you can do it anually, but anyway it's just a thought.
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    Can you set an alarm and let the OS take care of it?
    ugh, it won't let me post a link yet...
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    Ok, I can post a link now...just needed one more post. :-P
    Alarms - HP Palm Developer Center
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    IIRC, when you set an alarm, the OS takes care of checking the alarm every set interval of time and your app handles notifications if the right conditions are met, and alarms also survive system reboots.
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    Alright, so it definitely looks feasable. Thanks guys.
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    My app GeoStrings uses alarms to wake itself up periodically and perform certain tasks in the background (without any visible cards or dashboards). However keep in mind that in webOS 1.4.x (actually in and later), headless apps can only run in the background for 60 seconds before the OS kills it. In webOS 1.4.0 and 1.4.1, background tasks could only run for 15 seconds. And pre-1.4.0, background tasks could run indefinitely.

    I'm not sure if they are still granting people access to the webOS 2.0 SDK Beta, but if they are, you may have other options as eluded to here: Intro to HP webOS 2.0 - HP Palm Developer Center (note the reference to "background processing").
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