So I design home automation and home entertainment systems

one thing I would love to be able to do is drag and drop items while walking throughout the home with the client to give them a ball park budget. I have a proposal tool I use on my computer, so I dont need anything super in depth.

basically, if I could set package categories and then name them and then set up sub systems and name them as well and give them a cost that would be awesome. and Id prefer to be able to select different rooms with just room numbers "room 1", "room 2".

what Id do is just setup ball park packages. so like

room 1, Id ask if this was going to be TV + audio, TV only, audio only, home automation, etc.

so Id have say 3-5 packages so it would look like

TV + Audio:, Level 1: $2000, Level 2: $4000, Level 3: $8000, Level 4: $16000, Level 5: $32000

(just made up numbers)

id like to be able to customize the levels and pricing

im probably making this sound tough but it would really be quite simple...just for cost estimating