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    After making Dr.Battery I was dreaming about an app that tells you the power consumption of major system components such as CPU, network interface, display, and GPS receiver and different applications.

    Unfortunately the needed information is not available in the device/webOS.
    I found an app for android: PowerTutor.
    The developers measured the consumption e.g. for the display at different light levels and use this information to estimate the current consumption. Here are some details (PDF).

    If I find the time I may start such a project. In the meantime is there someone interested in building such an app?
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    An app for Android? This is already built into the Android OS.
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    Thanks. Is it? Didn't know that.
    from How to Monitor Power Usage on an Android Handset: Mobile
    To see what Google currently includes, just tap Settings, About Phone,
    Battery Use in a recent version of Android. The native feature simply shows 
    the percentage of battery use by component or application.
    PowerTutor gets down to the nitty-gritty and can graph the actual power
    consumption over time at the component, software or radio level. 
    And all things being equal, Id rather use a less power intensive application 
    over a similar one that eats up my handset battery at a faster rate. 
    The differences in power usage might be small at a given point in time, 
    but over time, they can add up.

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