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    Im really used to Hand DB. I use it on my pre through Classic. But now as Classic will be gone from WOS2, Im just curious.. there is no such program yet, right?

    Is anything in development?

    Is there anybody else who would have use for it?

    handDB for POS
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    I still use HanDBase on my palm TX and would love a version for webOS. I haven't found anything similar yet. :-( There has been some discussion of it in the ddhsoftware forums. A port was originally not possible because the SDK didn't support C code and they couldn't rewrite all their libraries in javascript. But now that C is supported I hope we'll see a port sometime, but I don't know if anything is planned.
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    try My DataBank in the app catalog
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    I have been looking at my databank for 6 months, although it is gainng features it does not come close to Handbase, I am not talking about keeping passwords or shopping lists here I keep track of all my jobs and accounts and clients using linked databases on my palm pre. There is a lot of flaming going on telling us dinosaurs to progress but losing functionality is not progress. I feel very sad the way this situation has developed and wish I had continued using palm T3 and now gone to android where there is a version of Handbase

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