Hey all! I'm trying to put together my first application, both as a training exercise and to satisfy my lack of a trip scheduler. I'm hoping that this will be a learning experience for me, and I can get to a point where I'm more comfortable with developing for webOS. This app really wouldn't have mass appeal (except for myself and the rest of the Pre-toting NJ residents), so I plan on releasing it for free.

I'm familiarizing myself with the SDK and developer notes, but my first big obstacle is in populating the database with the data needed (transit schedules and timetables). I'm basing my current approach on this page from the webOS Internals wiki (webos-internals.org/wiki/Mojo_Storage_Database).

So here's my actual question -- do I actually *need* to use javascript through my application to populate the database, or is there a way to directly access sqlite (similar to using sqlite3 through the command prompt)? I'd love to just be able to import these text files using the separator character.