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    What would it take to bring os support for text to speech speech to text? Is there an open source linux library that does this that could be added as a service? Could that be made available like the file management or haptic feedback service?

    EDIT: Sorry, got it backwards, I want to be able to talk to the phone and have it put text in my todo list.
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    Palm would have to release access to the microphone for developers to use and they haven't done this on an open basis, yet.
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    the OP is talking about text to speace api no need for mic api, just turn TEXT into SPEECH
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    this whould have been cool Text-To-Speech (TTS) API Specification only they dont accept new signups

    this page works
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    I'm pretty sure it's already in the works. Speech Dispatcher is used for Navit at the moment, but I bet it could be used for whatever you want.
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    Oops! I got it backwards! LOL Been one of those days. OP, please just ignore me.
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    The thing about Speech Dispatcher is that it can only be used for homebrew development (right?). From the description of Speech Dispatcher on Preware, there is no dedicated application front-end, but a Mojo service and application will be developed in the future, so it will be more accessible to development. I suppose if you're feeling like looking through a lot of code, you can see how Navit uses Speech Dispatcher, since Navit is open source.

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