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    My only experience is with Ares, which is a little too basic, but where I am is: I have eclipse, and I have the add-on, and I know my way around eclipse, but nothing I type in appears in the app, it just launches as a blank screen, every time. Even after trying to recreate hello world from It did this with command prompt too.

    Any ideas?
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    you also need safari installed... but it sounds like you are not launching the webOS developer tool.
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    Blank screens are hard to debug, but there are a few things that should get you started:
    First, make sure your scene is in your sources.json file, and that your StageController is pushing the scene.
    Shell into your phone or emulator (whichever you're using for testing) and check the log for your app.
    If the log doesn't show anything suspicious, go into the debugger and set a break point early in your scene's setup. If it doesn't get hit, set one in the StageController. Step through each line and check the values of any variables that get declared, set, or used, to make sure they look right.

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