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    Currently I run a small freeware organization called Occult Entertainment, and one of the programs we make for tabletop roleplaying games is a Windows program called "DM Secretary".

    It's met with some pretty decent reviews over the years and has thousands of downloads - so people seem to like the idea.

    I've noticed there is nothing like this currently for webOS - we would be interested in maybe forming a partnership with a webOS programmer to make such a program, and, if they wanted to make money from it, putting it on the App Catalog and splitting the profits.

    Anyone interested?
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    I would love to see this hit webOS.
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    I am not a programmer but would love to see a D&D game on webOS. Dungeon Master Secretary looks a little busy for a mobile screen but could probably be scaled down. I would support such a venture when and if it becomes available. Good luck to you.
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