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    Sooooo I really want to learn how to program for webOS now that the Pre2 is out, and the even better webOS 2.0.
    I originally thought that you couldn't do much with webOS with its limited API's, but with 2.0 im all in. I don't even have an idea for an app yet, but that's okay..i kinda need to learn javascript first :P
    Oh, and im already looking at w3schools. Aaaaaaaand i'm 17, and have a pretty good understanding of Java(i know, javascript and java are completely different, and html is easy, so is css.)
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    JavaScript the Definitive Guide by Flanagan
    Apps: MyQ for Netflix (Phone/TouchPad), Giantbomb (Phone), Excavate (Reddit/Digg clients for TouchPad)
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    I have an idea, get some Hello World into ya! Then try making a simple guessing game...
    Randomize a picture of a dice, and have an input for guessing a number, press a button and pop up an alert saying win/lose. Keep track of scoring..
    It'll get ya on your feet.

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