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    I recently checked a lot of Palm WebOS reviews and I noticed that the bunch of Configuration apps (Positionning, Updates etc...) is often a bad point. So I decided to create Preferences.

    Preferences is a simple app that displays all the Configuration apps in a list from where you can launch them. Now you will be able to hide all those icons and free some space on your Launcher !

    If you want to have more features, just ask it, I will be happy to try to add them !

    The app is available in English (of course) and in French ('cause I'm French before all).

    IPK at


    PS: Here are some of screenshots taken from my Pixi+ (will look better on your Pre maybe ;-) )
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    ('cause I'm French before all
    On est deux (ça fait bizarre de parler français sur precentral ....)
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    Je pensait aussi être le seul !

    So, I just realized I've forgotten the IPK !
    It's added to the first post !
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    I believe you need 10 posts before you can add an attachment to a thread.

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