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    Hey guys,
    I'm sure this seems like a very odd question but hear me out.

    I'm an android user but I have always been interested in webOS so I picked up a used pre for 50 bucks just to play around with. I don't have it yet but I plan on using it unactivated(I've already looked into meta-doctor and I think it'll be fine) and then tethering it to my nexus one whenever I want internet. Other than just playing around with it for fun, I'll probably use it whenever I want to write emails because a hardware keyboard is really nice. I was wishing that I could also use it for texts and was trying to figure out if I could write an app that would let me send an email to myself and have it automatically sent out as a text on my nexus one but then this occurred to me..

    Would it be possible to make the pre act as if it were a bluetooth keyboard?
    My nexus supports HID devices, so if I could get the pre to work correctly, I'd be good to go. Not knowing much about webOS or bluetooth, though, I figured I'd come here and ask.

    Obviously, I'm assuming that there isn't a way to do this currently as I'm probably the only person in the world who wants to do it but I just want to know if it would be possible. If so, I'll start looking into it and see if I could write an app that would let me do this. I hardly have any experience with web apps but I certainly know the basics of programming(I'm a software engineering student) and, starting in January, I'll have lots of free time.

    So.. long story short, is this a completely ridiculous idea?
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    If I did get this working, our bet people would love to use it with their palm pad.
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    I'd love to use my Pre to type on my Wii... Sorry did that rhyme?
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    good point. There are actually a lot of uses for this. Does anyone know who makes the bluetooth chip in the pre? I'm really going it's broadcom because I have a work term there in january.
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    The new API’s and Bluetooth Protocol Stack in webOS 2.0 may allow this but we will need to wait and see. I have seen a demo of a Bluetooth keyboard hooked to the Pre but not the reverse. Please keep us posted on your discoveries on this topic.
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