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    Hello webOS developers!

    I'm having a particularly frustrating problem with filter lists. I have a scene with a search field where a user can type a query and that query gets sent to a web service which returns results that are formatted into a FilterList. This part is fine, the part that I'm having a problem with is when it comes to actually filtering.

    Once the search is done, the search field loses focus, so when a user types another letter it automatically brings up the filter field and calls the filter function callback on the filter list. The problem is that it seems to be scrolling the filter list whenever the filter function callback would be called. This scrolling causes the screen to gray out, and the list can only be seen if you scroll the page up. I tried to fix it by having the scroller for the filter list widget scroll to the top (using scroller.mojo.scrollTo(0, 0, false, false)). This does succeed in getting the filter results to show, but the screen still gets grayed out first. This happens even if I have something like this for my filter function callback:

    SceneAssistant.prototype.filterFunction = function(filterString, widget, offset, limit) {
        return false;
    I have no idea why it would be graying out, and would appreciate any insight into how to solve this problem. Thanks!
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    Just wanted to bump this in case anyone can help me with this problem. If not, I'll just let the thread die.
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    Is your list large? It's a bug

    For me I increased the renderLimit property in the list attributes
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    It's not too large, just 50 items. Increasing the renderLimit property did get rid of the graying out issue, but the list is still scrolling down automatically when the filter function is called, and it also looks like the scroll top attribute for the list is getting changed, since where an unfiltered list would stop scrolling once the first element of the list reaches the top, after filtering the list won't stop scrolling until the first element reaches halfway down the screen.

    I should mention that I have more than one FilterList in the scene. It's like this in the html:

    <div id='firstList' x-mojo-element='FilterList'></div>
    <div id='secondList' x-mojo-element='FilterList'></div>
    <div id='thirdList' x-mojo-element='FilterList'></div>
    The user can choose to search for more than one category, and the filtering is performed on the currently selected category.

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