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    I'm the dev of Precentral News app, if you don't know this app, check here for homebrew forums and here for Dieter Bohn's review.

    This app is based on a mobile version of and offers much more features than the regular mobile website.

    If you like this kind of Application, I can create the same one for your website, with other features if you want more.

    If you're interested, answer here or send a private message
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    Tried to send you a private message, it says you're not accepting private messages. Great work with the TC app!
    Jimmie Geddes
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    first add me to your contacts, by clicking on "boucles0", then send a pm
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    Please contact me, tried adding you then sending PM, still told me you don't accept PM's.
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    I should probably do something in my P|C forum profile ?
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    ok, I've changed my Precentral profile, everyone, you can now send me pm.

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