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    Yea, this worked. I did it using Internalz on my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amphoras View Post
    Yup, that worked for me perfectly. After the steps above, I ran the Save/Restore app to restore my launcher, and everything is back to normal. Saved me tons of time and frustration moving all the icons back. Whew!

    Thank you!
    I had let the phone completely die a week or so ago and when I charged it again, this launcher problem appeared. I futzed with adding pages and reorganizing my apps, but got bored. I restarted again last night and I lost the extra pages and all the apps were clumped on the first page again. I finally decided to check the boards here and found this. The steps above worked wonderfully, as did using save/restore! Everything in its right place. Applause all around.
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    Excellent, I'm glad this has been helpful! I'll update my initial post so it doesn't sound so scary to accomplish.
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    This path doesn't exist on my franken pre2 obviously running 2.1. Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightburn View Post
    This path doesn't exist on my franken pre2 obviously running 2.1. Any ideas?
    In my particular case it turns out that all my icons were moved to the first launcher page. I was able to fix them simply by manually moving them back, even after a luna restart.
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    Worked great. This was becoming a very troublesome problem for me to have to re-arrange apps and recreate launch pages.
    1) installed Internalz-Pro (couldn't find regular Internalz in app catalog)
    2) Only had the one .db file and deleted it
    3) Restarted Phone
    4) Created some pages, moved some apps
    5) Restarted Luna and Presto - pages and apps stayed.
    Thanks Webfellow
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    It just happened to me. I lost all icons. And now have all 9 pages back!!!

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