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    Hello webOS developers,

    I'm trying out developing a dashboard stage. I have one set up with some basic controls that do stuff when you press them. The thing I noticed is that the dashboard stage is displayed above the lock in the lock screen. That is, when the screen turns off and you turn it back on, the dashboard stage is displayed right above that little yellow lock you have to drag up to unlock your phone. The thing is that the controls I added to the dashboard stage are unresponsive on the lock screen. Is there a way I can make those controls responsive on the lock screen, or at least give an alternate view without the controls?
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    there is a property you need to set in the appinfo.json
    I'll tell when I get home, or find it in the com.palm.musicplayer
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    You need to set the clickableWhenLocked property in the createStageWithCallback function: APIs - Mojo.Controller.AppController - Palm Developer Center
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    Perfect, that did it. Thanks!

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