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    Is there a way to remote control my pre from my pc via USB .. I recently switched to the pre from WinMo (lovin WebOS) .. the WinMo had an app called MyMobiler, awesome app ... Is there anything like this for the pre? Thanks guys!

    If not maybe a developer could look into it, I would buy it lol
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    I agree this would be a cool app/feature.

    Oh, and welcome to HPalm/WebOS!
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    Hi bobbyharrell, and Welcome to the P|C forums, webOS, and your new addictions!

    There isn't any app like that for webOS devices currently. I'm not sure if it's possible with the current API's, but perhaps a developer can chime in on this for you.
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    thanks guys! ... Hopefully a dev will be able to pick it up and make it a reality
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    I hope so because I had this feature on my iPod Touch (over WiFi) and it was pretty cool being able to use my hard keyboard to type on it.
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    I don't think we can do this currently.

    We could put VNC on the Pre/Pixi, but I don't think it will open up Luna (since Luna is basically just webkit rendering directly to the screen) but rather would require some X11-based window system.
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    This would be spectacular! I would love to see it for webOS.

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