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    Developers & Users & Enthusiasts,

    We need help! After taking a look at the community docs over at WebOS101 , I've noticed just how dilapidated our community docs are. This is a call to arms! Grab your keyboards, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm and help update the documentation. So I'm going to try and simplify it for you. I'll give out tasks, and if you feel like you can update the documentation related to a specific task, take on the job and let me know it's updated. You're welcome to just jump over to WebOS101 and start editing (it's a wiki) but if you're looking for something more targeted, here is a list of task available (I will keep this updated). I have also included a rating (E) Easy, (M) Medium, (H) Hard to describe the amount of time/knowledge required for each task. Even if you can't complete a task, if you can contribute to it you should. I'm always willing to help if anyone needs it:

    Proof Read & Additions:
    Javascript - WebOS101
    Concepts - WebOS101
    PDK OpenGL ES 1.1 Tutorial 1 - WebOS101

    Need Updating:
    (E) Command line tools - WebOS101 - All the command line tools need documentation. This will take a dev who has used them literally 10-15 minutes
    (H) Ares - WebOS101 - We need more documentation on Ares, and how to use it with screenshots. Along with what function it serves, any additions appreciated.
    (M) Node.js - WebOS101 - We need Node.jsjsjs $info$. $It$'$s$ $a$ $big$ $part$ $of$ $the$ $next$ $release$ $of$ $webOS$, $and$ $we$ $should$ $have$ $some$ $basic$ $info$ $about$ $what$ $Node$.$js$ $is$ $and$ $what$ $function$ $it$ $serves$.
    (E) - We currently don't have an article on eclipse, but we could use a basic one including setup for webOS development
    (M) - We could use some docs on html in webOS. Some notable tips/tricks and features available to developers in webOS. Currently we have nothing
    (L) PDK - WebOS101 - PDK Documentation is extremely poor. I am currently working on a PDK tut series if anyone is interested in helping (I need windows developers to help out with a lot of the references!)

    There's more to go around, so take a look at the site and see if there is anywhere you can add. You do need to register as an editor just to make sure you aren't a vandal . I appreciate it, as will future developers. With webOS 2.0 coming, community documentation will be even more vital than ever.

    More added as is found.

    Alex Haefner
    *I am in no way affiliated with, just started to do a lot of editing there*
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    Please developers add your cross-app parameters of your apps here:
    Cross-App Launching - WebOS101

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