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    I have no idea if this idea is possible in webOS, but would be GREAT for phones, and be REALLY great for the upcoming PalmPad.

    Is there ANY way to create a file changing/converting app??? EX. I mean an app I could launch with the ability to select a file on my phone and the new file format and destination. Another EX open a windows media file (WMV) in the app to convert to a MP4 file. Although a patch may be needed to save files not supported by webOS, this would be a GREAT feature.

    So.... is it possible??
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    i dunno if our pre's with the current hardware would be able to do conversions like that.
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    I doubt it's possible. For example, our resident audio expert (forum member nyuepik) says he's pretty sure it's impossible to convert a wav file to mp3. I can only imagine the difficulty with converting video files as you suggest. Besides, even if it did work, can you imagine how long it would take?! Look how long it already takes to do multimedia conversions on a high powered desktop computer.
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    It's possible. It would take a very long time though. A very very long time. A\V conversions are no small matter. Thing is, your phone can play a video just fine because it doesn't have to look at the whole file at once. An encoder does need to be able to look at the whole file. Your phone simply doesn't have enough RAM or processing power to do that at any reasonable rate. And by that, I mean it would likely take several hours just to convert a 5 minute video clip.

    As to feasibility, didn't someone get mplayer working on the Pre a while back? If so, you'd just need to figure out how and build the package with mencoder support. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    ffmpeg -i /media/internal/{DIRECTORY}/{NAME}.wav /media/internal/{YOUR FOLDER}/{NAME}.mp4

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    Thanks, for your input!
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    I plan to get an app working when 2.0 comes out (since it should bring node.jsjsjs) $which$ $will$ $hopefully$ $enable$ $something$ $like$ $this$.

    No guarantees, and it will require a custom build of ffmpeg, which I don't know if Palm will allow. The other thing is that with ffmpeg (since it isn't a high-end converter), you will end up having a slight audio/video lag where you hear someone talking before their lips move (or vice versa).
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