One of the REALLY cool things that iPhone in particular has come up with is allowing lighting engineers to remotely control their consoles for focus. Avolites Pearl Expert Titan has just started supporting this in the latest version of their software and I am very close to picking up a touch just to be able to remote control my console. Sometimes my console is 200' away from the stage and I'm stuck on a lift 30' in the air focusing, being able to call up lights remotely is HUGE! I know that we're getting close with the VLC programs being completed. If someone can tap into the market of creating remotes for Avolites Titan OS, Hog II and III, ETC consoles, and Grand MA and MA 2 consoles (but mainly the Avolites desk because that's what I use 80% of the time) they would be my best friend ever and I would pay them tens of dollars! Yes, tens!