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    I'm writing an app in ares that has sounds play when a button is pressed, but I'm having a lot of trouble with getting the button to play the sounds. The way I'd like it to act is to press once to play the sound, and press again to pause.
    It's a .wav, and this is the code I have in my scene assistant:
    button1Tap: function(inSender, event) {

    MySceneAssistant.prototype.handlePlayButtonTap = function() {;

    MySceneAssistant.prototype.handlePauseButtonTap = function() {
    I was wondering if anybody could tell me the correct code to use.
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    This is what I am using for images that are selected in the application I am working on.
    button1Tap: function(inSender, event) {
    this.bang = new Audio();
    this.bang.src = "audio/TRACKNAME.mp3";;
    then create an audio folder in the root and place your audio files in there.
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