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    Have been trying to find a Genealogy Program that would work on WebOS. This program appears to be interesting, but we need a programmer to build an front system. Any takers for this?

    OneGreatFamily Web Service Documentation - Index

    Welcome to GenealogyCloud™ (Powered by OneGreatFamily)

    GenealogyCloud is a full featured API that provides access to a complete web-based genealogy family tree backend system. This web service provides all the functionality for building, editing, searching, sharing and managing a family tree.

    The web service allows you to access all of the power of OneGreatFamily. So, in addition to basic family tree functionality like create a person, add a father, add a child, etc., you get access to capabilities not available anywhere else, including:

    · View Preservation

    · Automated Matching

    · Merging

    · Group Group Architecture

    For more information about GenealogyCloud, please download this Microsoft Powerpoint Show: Genealogy_Cloud_Overview.pps

    For questions or to discuss GenealogyCloud, please contact Rob Armstrong, SVP Marketing and Sales at OneGreatFamily at:

    (801) 491-0335 ext 203 or
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    My wife would love a mobile version of Family Tree Maker by for WebOS. If you are looking to start a sign up list I am up for a vote.

    Or if anyone knows how to convert applications from iPhone to WebOS...
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    With Classic going away, it makes it even more important to get something working with Webos. Anyone out there interested?
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    I've been asking for a genealogy program since the Pre was launched. One that works with Family Tree Maker would be great, but I am flexible.
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    The genealogy program that I liked on Palm OS is GedStar Pro.

    It imports GEDCOM files. It will also imports directly from databases of The Master Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree.

    They have EOF for the Palm OS version.

    An Android version has been announced.

    Should be worth requesting a webOS version.

    GHCS Software
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    I contacted GHCS Software, because I too have used their product, however, they stated they have no interest in Webos at this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by remmysmom View Post
    I contacted GHCS Software, because I too have used their product, however, they stated they have no interest in Webos at this time.
    I also used GedStar with Palm OS. I contacted the owner last year and he said he is retired and does want to have to learn a new OS.

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