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    I would like a front end to the website which predicts satellite passes and other astronomy info based on viewer location. This site has been around since the Avantgo days. If you register, it remembers your location. I'm guessing this would be an easy one, maybe even for a novice, since it basically just displays tables.
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    My app started as pulling the star chart from Heavens Above, but I decided that whoever operates that server probably wouldn't like a commercial app using it like that. I think one would have to contact the owner of that site to determine if a developer could use the data like that. Until then, I would suggest just setting a bookmark to the tables you want.

    While I don't have satellite data, I would point you to my app, which is about as close as there is right now.

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    I am working on porting to use the PDK right now, but satellites and such are possible future additions, if I can get the data and the equations.

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