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    Can someone point me in the right direction? Any online courses? I'm a finance guy and have programmed using Focus...but that was 15 years ago. I want to eventually write WebOS apps. Thanks!!!
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    Mega resources here: Home - Palm Developer Center

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    My biggest suggestion to you is not to "learn to program" but decide what you want to make and learn to program that. The direction you take could vary significantly. If you're going to write a WebOS "web based" app then you'll need to learn a lot of JavaScript. However if you want to write some native games then you'll want to go the route of C++. May I ask what kind of program you were thinking?

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  5. #5 is also a great site. It is building everyday and has a lot of useful information
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    I was looking to program a webos app...not a game but a financial one that accesses your online portfolio and news, etc. I've checked out the ones already there but they're not quite what I need...and think others would appreciate. Thanks.

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