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    I have been looking into starting to develop for WebOS and my motivation is an app for my bank. It's a small local bank so I doubt an app is ever going to get made by a 3rd party. My question is, since it is a secure and encrypted site, does it require some kind of API or something from the bank to interact with it, or do I just dissect their source code and copy it in app form?
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    You would need a web service for bank information on your bank servers. You might just want to have mobile web ready software on your bank servers instead.
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    Are there any third party banking apps? Who would want to enter their passwords, etc. into Joe's 1st National Bank of Duluth and what bank would allow such an app to exist? One of the third party Android apps turned out to be malware used to collect account information.

    Android Banking Scam App Shoots Phish In Google's Barrel

    Third-party and one of my most used apps. I think it's UK only though.

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