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    I hoping for a ballistic calculator, for long range shooting, similar to ExBal by Perry system's for the old Palm OS.
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    I have wanted this as well. So much so that I am in fact in the process of learning javascript to write the app myself. I am an avid high power competitor, and have a plan for not only a ballistics calculator, but also including several other aspects/functions tailored to long range & high power shooters. I don't want to give many details yet, but this will be useful for many disciplines (across the course, unknown distance, etc.). Basically an all aound tool, useful from the sighting bench to the firing line. I am hoping to have a beta available in the next few months.
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    This is great news, do you have a name in mind for this app. So I can keep a look out.
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    I haven't given too much thought to the name yet, I have been focusing more on the planning of the UI at this point. One of the functions will be come up tables (in clicks) for each of your rifles, so I have been thinking of it as 'The Dope Locker', but I don't know if i'll keep that. I plan on having quite a bit of functions, and am open to any specific things that you might like to see, so if you have a want, let me know. It might already be on the list, but if not, i'll try to put it in place.

    I shoot primarily 600 yd prone matches in service rifle class, but also occasionaly shoot Garand & across the course matches. How about you?
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    Before the kids, I shot a Garand match every month and the some High Power. Then I got into Long range precision "sniper" matches. I'm running ExBal on a TX right now. My only major want would be to be able to change adjustment value's. ie. MOA, IPHY and MILS.
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    I intend to have the calculator portion be selectable for your preffered unit of angular measure. When I said clicks, I was referring to a sub function, where there will be user configurable data sheets for each rifle you shoot. The unit represented by a click will be picked when you set up each data sheet. That way you have a quick reference at the firing line based on counting clicks, but a click on your scoped F class rifle could be 1/8 moa, 1/10 mil, etc., while a click on your service rifle could be 1/2 moa. It would be whatever matches your sights/scope. You would just select the rifle you are shooting from a pick list, and have consistent data available that is tailored for each rifle.
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    We are on the same page. Should be very useful.
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    Since my posts are being deleted? I'll push this back to the top for hopefully some interest.
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    I just posted an early beta version of a Ballistic Calculator. All manual input right now. I'm working on data loading for the bullet parameters.

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