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    Hi all!

    Im a PhD student with very basic knowledge of both C and Linux, and recently got the assignment to develop a vnc server for the palm. I have started by looking at the VNC server for android. I have installed the WIDK and I manage to compile libvncserver library using its own make in a scratchbox, but when I try to compile the whole fastdroidvncserver.c with the make included, it starts asking for jpeglib and zlib. As a side attempt, Im trying to create an autoconf configuration so I can use LibVNCServer make files in combination, but with no luck until now. Could anyone offer any help please?

    On a related topic, Ive read that there are 3 framebuffers to capture, but at this moment I would only need to capture apps/games framebuffer. To what device does it relate in the palm? or how could I composite the 3 framebuffers?

    I know some of the questions are very basic and even no directly related to the palm but at this point I am forced to ask for any help you can provide.

    Thank you for your help
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