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    please help to make dynamic list.

    Now I make the following:
    var myData=JSON.parse(xmlhttp.responseText,parser);
    messages = messages.concat(myData);
    It works only 1 time. On second time there are blank items appears in the list. I'm pretty sure the messages value does not contain any blank items.
    Why they appears?
    Also I have tried other variant:
    var myData=JSON.parse(xmlhttp.responseText,parser);
    var l=list.mojo.getLength();
    list.mojo.revealItem(l, true);
    The same blank items.
    How to add items to list right?
    Is it possible to use JSON for items? I tried to use Array, but unsuccessful.
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    Try settings renderLimit for the list to a few hundred/thousand (depending on how many items you need on average). Usually fixes blank lines appearing for me.
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    Thank you, it works!
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