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    I love Ares, it's a super easy way for uneducated people to write apps. I can't figure out how to scroll up and down in a scene though. How do I scroll in Ares?!
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    There is a widget called "scroller" in the "layout" section. Drag one of these into the UI editor, size it to the desired size, and drag additional widgets into the scroller. You will now able able to scroll the interface in your app.
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    That actually helps me out with another issue, but I was actually wondering how to scroll in the UI editor.
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    Hmm, I'm not exactly sure how to do that. Click and drag might work if you click on a blank space. I'm pretty sure that will work if you place a drawer widget and expand it so it goes off the screen. You may have already done this, but posting this question on the Ares forum on the Palm developer site might get you a better answer.

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