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    for those of you whom have heard it would be impossible to have a barcode scanning app that works, I am here to tell you that with a camera api, I think we should be fine. treasoning? I recently got an ipod touch. It's camera is a fixed lens .7 mp and it's barcode scanning works just fine. Maybe not quite as fast without autofocus but it's certainly usable and not even much different then my moms android with autofocus. So wheres our homebrew version can it be done without official camera api?
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    given that 2.0 seems to be oh so close, I think most devs are waiting on that before they start getting into (currently)unsupported APIs again. I know I wouldn't want to spend countless hours figuring it out only to have Palm release 2.0 a week later toting a public and (potentially)very different API... - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    true. Is it really that close? Everyone keeps estimating all these timelines which put it out in january or late december. I was origonally thinking it will be an october early november release. Considering how long it took the last time I got an email about the update of 1.4.5 and how long that took. Late october early november sounds rught, with webos 2.0 being discused before hand, but with there being a developer event in late november which will discuss webos 2.0 I am doubtfull for a 2010 release, hoping for it though. I wonder if they can optomize the system to run as smoothly without the over time slowness as wel) as the iphone 3gs, as it is the same inner hardware right? I have an overclock patch which worked so well before but now it gets so slow sometimes. Esp when I get phone calls or texts, sometimes it just takes way to long to let me interact with them.
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    No one knows except Palm really... Just bear in mind, a large number of the new features in 2.0 were promised as coming this fall. Not sometime early 2010. Although I don't suppose it'd be the first time schedules have changed. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    I am hoping for a good autofocus camera in the next generation of Palm hardware, not just for bar code reading but for macro photography of all types. I also hope for a full set of API's for camera, Bluetooth, Microphones and other hardware finctions in webOS 2.0.
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    The other issue has been that it's not really feasible to do in javascript. Camera API + C++ app will do the trick, though, and hopefully someone jumps in and makes it.
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    rexalbel, start coding or else you are just blowing smoke

    i look forward to seeing your app
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    lol I wish I code trying to learn though. Reason I say it's possible is only based on the fact that the new ipod touch has a lower end fixed camera then us yet can do it. With C++ and the future camera api it should be possible. I know stuff in theory just not able to apply it, if I could, believe me, ud see some awesome apps. I have some very great ideas. Playing around with an ipod touch really does make you long for more. Love m pre, just would love to be able to do some of the stuff that benefits from being on the go with 3g o my phone. Like barcode scanning an item at a store and finding where it's cheaper or adding it to a recipe

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