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    Hey guys, I am not very good at coding (just know HTML/CSS and a bit of actionscript, javascript)

    but I was wondering if any of the homebrew developers are interested in helping me make a homebrew app.

    Basically, the app will be a WebOS auto cleanup app, so that at certain intervals (everyday/weekly/monthly) the user can select to auto delete various logs and history (such as Phone logs, Google Maps logs, Web History, etc)

    This is because it is well known that the Pre and Pixi eventually get sluggish if you dont clear out your cache and logs and history. So I want to make an app to do this automatically.

    Also, what is an OS without an auto cleanup app?

    There will also be a button to "set logging to minimal" so that people can select the level of error logging.

    If any developer is interested in helping me, email me at, or PM me here (although I check that less often)

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    I actually like this idea. I probably can help but don't have much time atm. Please keep me informed about progress.
    EDIT: We heard about the problems of the email folder gets full and slows down the system.

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