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    How's it going fellow WebOS users!?

    I just wanted to take some time to let the community know about a brand new App I'm presently developing that has me pretty excited! Hopefully some of you will be soon as well!

    I'm a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, I decided I wanted to code something that I could keep on me and stay up to date with whats happening in the sport, and as well offer a fun way to pass the time. This has now become a project of mine I am hoping some of you will enjoy as well.

    - Will aggregate news from various MMA blogs as well as allow custom additional feeds to be added. Filters will allow you to navigate for content specifically related to what your looking for.
    - Fighter rosters for most major promotions, including weight class champions and various ranked Top Ten pound for pound lists.
    - Ability to keep track of upcoming fight events. Add to calender. Reminders/Notifications.
    - MMA Fantasy (Leaderboards - Make 'Bets' on fights, against other users)
    - As well as more hopefully..

    I realize I am getting ahead of myself, and probably should not have opened up about these plans until more of the initial development was done, but I have made some progress in the initial proof of concept phases and was excited to start gauging some public interest.

    In any event, I will be sure to keep progress updated here in the forums, as well as on my blog (should be in my signature). There may be some alpha/beta releases available for download on the blog or if Precentral is willing to host on Preware, however the ultimate goal will be for an official App Catalog release.

    If you could do me a quick favor and hook up a vote here at this poll, I would appreciate a bit of feedback regarding whether or not any of this sounds like something of interest.

    Please Vote: How many people would be interested in an MMA app?

    Thanks for dropping by guys! Will keep you all updated!
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    Its funny you mention MMA. I've always had a hunch that some of the usernames on Precentral look very similar to those found on such as...
    I'll admit, I'm on that site... over there my avatar is simply "Mayo"
    Anyway, I love MMA, and would be interested in your app. These days I just browse on the web browser on my Pre.
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    Quick Update!

    I haven't been making progress by leaps and bounds, but I am still ticking away at it. Here is a VERY early version though in case anyone just wanted to try it out, provide feedback, and the likes..

    Point Preware to - or DL and throw into WebOSQuickInstall:

    So far it is very light on the features, but still somewhat useable as an MMA Companion..

    *Rosters/Champions List - I have a db on my server where I am storing the fighters information. You can make queries to this DB through some list selectors I have included, and it will query a PHP page on my server and return the results. Right now I have only added Strikeforce and UFC Fighters, however as I continue to update this, it will be reflected in the App without needing an update.

    The PHP returns a basic HTML Table. Hopefully I will be able to tinker around with this and make some changes that would be applied on the server side and not require an update in order to experience.

    *News - The News sections are incomplete right now, I was tinkering around with the RSS Feed widget and have added several sections with differnet feeds I frequent. Unfortunately Sherdog's feed is not working right now. I will work to figure the reason.

    I am very interested in continuing development on this project. I know its not the greatest idea to release unfinished software, but I was anxious to update anyone interested in case they thought the project was abandoned.

    Feel free to throw me an email if you have some feedback, or think you could give me some tips/help or are interested in helping in any way.
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    I'll try it out soon. I will say though that the number one feature for me will be the upcoming events section. If you havn't already, you should check out how mmaplayground does it. I really like how they show the fighter lineup for the upcoming event, complete with pictures and stats.
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    I will do that!

    I actually have code that scrapes a site and puts the calender information into an .ICS file, which I have uploaded to my own personal google calender, I am working to automate that process. Thank you for your suggestion, I am going to check out the playground for more examples!

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