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    I'm working on unofficial precentral app, and search for twitter api.

    I have found this to share a link of a page :

    It works nice in firefox, but in Palm browser, link inside the tweet doesn't show up ?

    I don't understand why. Do you know another twitter api that works with webOS?
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    The official twitter API works with everything. It's just a REST API. Docs are here: API Documentation | Or maybe you can use the cross-app services to send the link to Twee or BadKitty? Cross-App Launching - WebOS101

    I'm guessing the link doesn't show up because there is no referrer URL, as the referrer is a webOS app, not a webpage.
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    Are you going through the correct authorisation process for the user before attempting to share?

    EDIT: Try changing the query string to "url=".
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