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    Any hope of getting one of these. I love VBA and the SNES one but i need sega in my life. Who's with me?
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    I second that motion......
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    I third that motion..........
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    Sega! Sega! Sega!
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    Are we on the fouth motion? I fourth that motion!!
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    I'm in too!
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    Definitely! A little altered beast a little castle of illusion a little columns. i don't rmbr what else I used to play
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Heck yeah! Streets of Rage and Sonic... can't wait... would make my own if I had the talent and time... I program my own apps just simple ones to increase/maximize my productivity.... nothing cool like an emulator
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    definitely...i would love to get some Sonic or Streets of Rage on my Pre.
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    Someone who can Port such stuff, not me.. I am way to stupid for that, could ask Notaz from He recently brought Picodrive 1.8 to the Pandora, which uses similar Hardware.


    Maybe heīll give you the src, dunno but itīs worth a try
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    Ive been wanting this as well. We already have NES, SNES, Gameboy and even Atari. Time to make this full circle. lol. I also saw videos of an Android phone running original Playstation games. That would be awesome too.
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    How about Dreamcast?
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    I say we go old school Sega with a Master System emulator. The original Phantasy Star will always hold a special place in my heart.
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    dudes... laptop... big screen... vga... sega emu... doIt();
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    How about Dreamcast?
    Not sure if the Pre could handle Dreamcast emulation lol. It would be kinda hard to control too...
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    Dreamcast seems a little out of reach now. A Genesis could work... Columns was addicting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daleyjem View Post
    dudes... laptop... big screen... vga... sega emu... doIt();
    You forgot one piece: Wiimote for wireless control. I use both of mine and play multiplayer with the wife
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    Exactly the kind of project I've been looking for...
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    Kalemsoft, the makers of Nesem, used to have a Sega Game Gear emulator on PalmOS. I know its not quite a Genesis but at least you could get some of the old school feel.

    You can look into maybe running it in the Classic PalmOS emulator but I have no clue if it would work or how... I'm not really much help here am I? Sorry, I tried!
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