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    I found the emulator supported the gesture area indeed.

    If you change the emulator's height to a value that is larger than 480, the bottom part that is larger than 480 can handle gestures.

    I fount it can handler the flick-up gesture (launcher) and the back gesture.

    You can change the emulator's screen size in the emulator's configure files.
    They are in the Virtualbox Machines' directory.
    "Virtualbox Machines' directory/SDK (320x480)/SDK (320x480).xml" and
    "Virtualbox Machines' directory/SDK (320x480)/SDK (320x480).xml-prev"
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    What line(s) exactly did you change? I tried this without success last night.
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    1. First , you must close the virtualbox !

    2. There are four lines in these files:
    <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="320x480x32"/>
    <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode2" value="480x320x32"/>
    <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastGuestSizeHint" value="320,480"/>
    <ExtraDataItem name="palm.emulator.image.screen" value="320x480"/>

    You change 480 to the number you want.
    For examples, if you want 320x600 :
    <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="320x600x32"/>
    <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode2" value="600x320x32"/>

    <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastGuestSizeHint" value="320,600"/>

    <ExtraDataItem name="palm.emulator.image.screen" value="320x600"/>

    3. Open the virtualbox, and run the emulator.

    4. Enjoy it.
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    I changed the values in the files, the emulator changed size, but I can't do any gestures. Can you upload a picture of where to click and swipe to do a gesture?
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    Here are the pictures:

    After the size of the emulator being changed, the whole part that in the red rectangular in the left picture is the gesture area.
    But it would be better that you do a gesture in the red rectangular in the right picture, for avoiding touching a application in the Quick Launch by mistake.
    sc2.png sc3.png

    1. Launch Application Drag Gesture
    One kind of drag that you’ll use a lot brings up Quick Launch when you’re in an application. This drag gesture begins in the gesture area and ends on the touchscreen.

    Push down the mouse-left button in the gesture area, hold it down, and let it SLOWLY cross the border between the gesture area and the touchscreen, it drags Quick Launch Wave into view.

    To open one of the apps in Quick Launch, move the mouse pointer to its icon. When you see the app name appear, release the button. The application opens.
    sc4.png sc5.png

    If you hold the mouse-left button down in the gesture area, dragging up crosses the border, and release the button QUICKLY, you would only launcher the Launcer.

    2. Back Gesture
    Hold the mouse-left button down in the gesture area, move the point left, and release the button.
    sc7.png sc8.png
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    Oh, I think the reason why I can't use the gestures is that my emulator has a white wallpaper and I can't change it. By any chance do you know how I can fix it?
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    Hey guys did a search by all the files mentioned above but was not able to find the file that i need to change.

    Can anyone tell me the exact name of the file in question
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    You should find the files in the subfolder named ".VirtualBox\Machines\" inside your Windows' user's home directory. A search for "SDK*.XML" could help as well.


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