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    Hello webOS developers!

    I want to know if there's a way to get carrier information from within a webos app (such as mnc, mcc, etc.)

    I tried to copy what is done in the bar-assistant.jsjsjs $file$, $where$ $it$ $shows$ $the$ $carrier$ $name$ $in$ $the$ $bar$ $at$ $the$ $top$, $but$ $even$ $that$ $won$'$t$ $work$ $in$ $my$ $app$:

    getCarrierName: function() {
    	this.carrierName = 'Carrier';
    	this.getCarrierNameReq = new Mojo.Service.Request('palm://', {
    		method: 'getCarrierName',
    		parameters: {},
    		onSuccess: this.getCarrierNameQueryDone.bind(this),				
    getCarrierNameQueryDone: function(payload) {
    	if(payload.returnValue && payload.returnValue == true) {
    		this.carrierName = payload.longName;
    I want more information than just the carrier name, but when I add that code to my app, getCarrierNameQueryDone is never called.

    Is this just not allowed for arbitrary apps, or am I going about it the wrong way?
  2. #2 is an undocumented service. That means it's restricted. Try renaming your app to in your appinfo.json. You won't be able to submit to the app catalog with your app identifying as coming from palm, but it should allow you to access the restricted service. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    That is a private service.

    You can get the carrier name, but no other carrier settings (that I know of).

    You'll need to access Mojo.Environment.DeviceInfo.carrierName:

    APIs - Mojo.Environment - Palm Developer Center
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    Thanks a lot for the tips, guys! Using the restricted service is certainly not an option, since I want this app in the app catalog, but getting the carrier name from Mojo.Environment is good enough.

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