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    It seems to me that this work has stalled. Anyone working on a PDK based app to do remote desktop using this protocol?
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    also, check the palm catalog for an app called RemoteWin and see if that does what you want.
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    There's a real VNC client (as apposed to the RemoteWin that's being linked to above),
    It's in Preware last I checked (might be in the testing feed) it's called 'VNC Client' and works with OpenVNC or any other true VNC server.

    It's currently at 0.0.3 but it works pretty well right now, and require no additional setup if you've already use a VNC server.
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    I think both available options are featureless, gui less and very basic with limited connectability.

    Theres nothing that meets the quality standpoint of a professional app I would say.

    Koodos to the developers, but nothing im going to jump around about.

    One of them barely connects to most servers and the other requires a specific application running on the local pc. The preware one wouldn't connect to but 1 of our many servers here. Each use a varity of vnc clients and versions.

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