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    Okay, folks, I've installed the SDK twice now, and everything seems to be okay with the install. But when I go to the command prompt and type "palm-generate", I get the "not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" message. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. PLUS I can't find a place for technical support with the SDK on Palm's website. What do I do????
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    in the command prompt enter 'path' and hit enter. Check that the output contains the following line:

    C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\bin
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    I tried "path." "C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\Bin" does not appear in the list. How do I fix this?
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    Is your java up to date? Type 'java -version' in command prompt to check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtarvin View Post
    I tried "path." "C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\Bin" does not appear in the list. How do I fix this?
    Use this guide -
    (I can't post links yet)

    How to set the path in Windows 2000 / Windows XP.

    Add C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\Bin to your PATH variable. Don't forget the semicolon.
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    Don't forget to change 'Program Files' to 'Program Files (x86)' if you're on 64-bit Windows. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    To change the path variable, assuming you're on Windows 7 (which I am):

    Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Environmental Variables -> System Variables -> Change the Path Variable here.

    If you need to add the PDK it's the same line again but replace '\SDK' with '\PDK'

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I actually made a tool for dealing with this a while ago after getting bored of having to filter through one long string of paths. It's called PathManip and basically just lets you add and remove stuff to the PATH variable much more easily. You can find it here if you want it:
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