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    I'm a developper on Palm WebOS and I've found something strange in my app stats reports...

    In theory, the app catalog is available for the following list of countries : us, canada, France, spain, mexico, germany, and ireland, uk.

    So it is impossible for people living outside these countries to purchase applications (which is a shame)

    However, looking at my stats, here's what I discovered:

    This is about my application Color my Dreams :

    How does this person manage to buy my app from Netherlands ?
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    As long as a Pre is activated in one of the official countries, The app catalog is fully (incl paid apps) available to these countries and a few more. Dutch credit cards are one of the few others that are then accepted. Unfortunately I activated my Pre in the Netherlands and I only see the free apps s it's not me
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    People in Swisszertland for exemple complain about no being able to buy apps, so what I see in my stats is a pre activate in Germany and being in Netherland at this moment....
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    in app catalog preferences where a user can add his Credit Card there is Netherland and that means a user with an activated palm pre in official country can buy apps using his or anyone Netherland credit card.
    my pre purchased and activated in Germany, I'm using it in Jordan, and I'm using a UK credit card to buy apps.

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