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    Like the Title says I have a Mac Powerbook running OS X Leopard. From what I can gather, Apple doesn't support Java 1.6 for these older non-intel chip machines. I've searched and searched for ways to work around this but it seems that there is no way to install Preware using WebOS quick install without Java 1.6.

    So WebOS quick install requires Java 1.6
    the Standalone installer requires Java 1.6
    I don't understand what's required to do the "command line" install method and/or if you need to be running WebOS quick install to do it.

    It sure would be nice if this WebOS quick install just ran on Java 1.5...If anyone has suggestions I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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    I have so little experience with mac... the os is even more closed that windows which just makes me wretch... you might try downloading a live disk of ubuntu linux or some such and either installing it into a virtual box environment long enough to access the linux on your phone, or trying to do what you need to do from the live environment without installing it to your hard drive.

    That said, I dont even know if you can do that with Mac OSX...
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    There should be full documentation on how to install WebOS Quick Installer version 3.14.

    Go to that thread and on the very first page, the very first post will have the full documentation, which contains information on how to set it up.

    I also believe there is a YouTube video on installing it, both for Windows and a Mac.

    And lastly, you need to rename your post, it's not Preware you are trying to install, it's WebOS Quick Install 3.14.

    You will be using WebOS Quick Install 3.14 to install Preware, but your problem is really trouble with WebOSQI.

    You should be able to edit the subject in advanced mode.

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    If you are really adventurous, I found a few years ago that IBM had a PowerPC (32 and 64 bit) builds of the latest versions of Java. You had to jump through hoops to get it, as it was meant for their (Z Series?) servers.

    Now with OpenJDK, it is more likely there is a PPC build of Java you could install. At the time I was looking, there wasn't OpenJDK, so I couldn't even compile it when I was running Linux on an old PPC mac.

    So I would recommend either trying to find a PPC build of OpenJDK that will run on your Mac, or hunting down IBM's binary package. I am unsure if either will work, but that is what I'd recommend.
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    Jdiwnab: I found this link..... landonf dot bikemonkey dot org/Landon Fuller that I think refers to what you're talking about. I'm not really that much of a computer expert so I don't understand it but would be happy to try it if someone would help me with some step by step instructions.

    Rlanza1054: Thanks for pointing out that I am really trying to install WebOS Quick Install...The bottom line is however getting Preware on my phone, using my Powerbook. I am aware of the install guide..That's how I know that Java 1.6 is required. The only thing ambiguous is the instructions (or lack thereof) for the "command line" method. I've watched the YouTube videos as well.

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